We have specially put together this Winter Adventure week for you. If you have additional wishes please let us know via the contact form.

Day 1-Saturday
At the end of the day is your arrival at Wilderness Adventures Sweden in Bispgården, Jämtland, the gateway to Lapland. A warm welcome by your hostess/ guide and organiser of this week, Monique Vermeer. We enjoy a Swedish fika together with fresh coffee/ tea and homemade bakery.
Settling in the cozy wildlife theme apartment. You may also have rented the Swedish Cottage which is 15 minutes from here. For the activities, the departure is from the ranch.

Day 2-Sunday
Monique serves you on your first morning a great Swedish breakfast; specialty of the house. You will get a tour around the property and the horses. Also we talk about your week adventures.
Afterwards do your own during the day (like some sightseeing or skiing, cross country skiing or just relax).
Evening; Campfire at the western style “Big Moose Grillhut”.

Day 3-Monday
Guided snowshoe hike by Monique
A sportive winter experience to a special location. At the destination you will enjoy the scenery with a hearty lunch from the fire. Monique tells about the Indalsälven river and the Ragunda Valley with its nature and wildlife.

Day 4-Tuesday
Sleddog Tour
You will mush your own team of Siberian Huskies. You will sled over hills, thru forests, small trails and over lakes. This special winter experience is one you will never forget and you will also help to make your own team ready for the sledding. Afterwards you help with the dogs and get them back in their own homes. You are following your guide during the tour and while having a stop in the wilderness, he prepares you a fantastic lunch from the fire with
reindeer sausage, local cheeses and fresh salmon from the Ångermansälven river. There are also vegetarian options.
You will travel to this destination with your own (rental) car (1.5 hour scenic drive) with the chance of spotting reindeer and moose along the way.

Day 5-Wednesday
Ice fishing guided by Monique
We are fishing Artic fish such as “öring” and “röding”. One is trout related and the other one a salmon related fish. In Sweden named to be “ädelfisk” of the cold waters. Including material as ice drill, ice fishing poles, fishing permit, bait, chairs, transport and lunch.
Jack joins (my aussie dog) and pulls a Swedish traditional “pulka” sled with firewood. Monique prepares your lunch on the spot. When you have a catch…..we can smoke your fish back home.

Day 6-Thursday
Your day off
Wellness evening / afternoon
Enjoy a relax evening or afternoon in the “Zen” Sauna of Wilderness Adventures Sweden. A firewood heated sauna and warm lava stones spreads soft aroma’s to enjoy. You cool off outside under the crystal clear sky or take a roll through the snow.
Inclusive a basket with refreshments and some snacks which you can enjoy in the sauna relax room. You can also book a Hotstone massage or a Reiki treatment.

Day 7-Friday
Snowmobile Safari
After instructions you follow your guide and you tour away on your own snowmobile. An active day tour incl. guiding and lunch + fika along the way. You will tour through forests, open plains, over lakes and hills with amazing views. A day never to forget! There’s a big chance of spotting big game as reindeers and moose along the way.
You will travel to this destination with your own (rental) car (1.5 hour scenic drive) with the chance of spotting reindeer and moose along the way.
Evening diner with moose meat
Now you have the opportunity to taste fresh Moose meat. The home made stew is made of local products and the tender moose beef is from our own hunt and as so called “fair” meat.
Ice cream and a cup of coffee as finishing touch.
You will have this exclusive diner at Monique;s place. It is prepared on the old kitchen fire stove and you enjoy your diner at a more then 100 year old bakery table.
Review about your week and how did you experienced your stay?

Day 8-Saturday
Your travel back home.

You can also book:

  • A horseride with the American Quarter Horses Bette, Cody and Mr Utah (when the weather conditions are ok), guided by Monique.
  • Cross country skiing, we have great trails in the surrounding area’s (ski’s and shoes for rental).
  • At Kullsta Ski you can downhill ski/ snowboarding (ski’s and shoes for rental).
  • Reiki and Hotstone massage by Monique
  • Northern light Wake Up Service
    From October till April you have the chance to spot here the magical Northern Light. You will not miss it since Monique will wake you up when the magical lights are dancing in the sky! But no guarantee and it is hard to predict, as well as the time it lasts and the colour of the light. We are located only 600 km under the Arctic Circle and therefore there is the chance to spot the Northern light here. Imagine you stare at this nature wonder, high up from your own holiday apartment’s terrace!
  • Moose can be seen all over the area and even here from your apartment. We have a mineral stone set up behind the creek. Moose loves the mineral salt in the winter.


The total Winter Adventure Package includes:
all the above mentioned  winter adventures + 7 nights in the cozy wildlife theme apartment + inclusive a Swedish breakfast of the house + 1 x the diner with stew with tender moose beef and 4 x outdoor lunch.
Inclusive a welcome present, your linen package, WIFI and the final cleaning.

For bookings, pricing of this week and further questions, contact us! Please read our policies. All activities are at your own risk. We would be happy to help you with travel advice and/or car rental information. 

Would you like to read everything again in peace? Download the PDF: Winter Adventure Week Package 2022.