*We care about each other*


Wilderness Adventures Sweden is located in the province of Jämtland, which is 1.5 times larger than the Netherlands and has only 138,000 inhabitants and one city, which is also our capital (Östersund).

We are proud and thankful of the fact that we are really low in corona outbreaks. Because we have so less population, means that as a guest you will have little contact with other people.

You can do your own thing and hardly meet any people. The activities are mostly private and with our own guided activities, you are the center of attention.

Sweden has no face mask obligation and there are almost no stores closed. Most restaurants are open, but have limited seating due to the corona rules.


Currently, if you arrive in Sweden as an EU citizen you will need the following:

  • A negative COVID-19 test result no older than 48 hours upon arrival in Sweden. This can be an antigen, PCR, LAMP or TMA test. Also for people that are vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19.


By plane
Inform yourself well what you need to be able to get on a plane to Sweden. You will probably need to fill out and bring a health statement. Please inform yourself well what you need to fly back to your home country!

By boat
When Denmark closes its borders again the boat is a good option to travel to Sweden. Tip: the Stena Line from Rostock (Germany) to Trelleborg (Sweden) travels perfectly. It is reasonably priced and you can relax for 7 hours. 

By car
Also, if you are traveling through Germany and Denmark, inform yourself well about the regulations regarding corona in these countries. Regulations may be different if you are only passing through.

Of course you should inform yourself well about the corona regulations in your own country after returning from your vacation in Sweden. Because this information can change daily, you can not derive any rights from this information.

Click here for more information about the route to Wilderness Adventures Sweden.

Precautions of our own facilities
Our camper accommodation/nature campsite is committed to small-scale tourism. The camper places are spacious. You are here in nature with only healthy fresh air. There is even 0.0% air pollution here. We expect from you as a guest, to respect each other’s distance.

The sanitary facilities are simple but well kept clean. There is disinfectant soap in the shower and the kitchenette. You will be informed by us personally with some points of attention.

The holiday apartment and the vacation house (the Swedish timber cottage) are cleaned with extra care and according to the corona guidelines.

*You are welcome to stay*