Welcome to our beautiful
Ragunda Valley in Jämtland Sweden,
where spring is just around the corner!

Wilderness Adventures Sweden offers holidays with adventurous outdoor activities with or without your own guide.

But also for those who are seeking peace and quietness, this is the right place to be. The beautiful and rugged nature brings silence to your mind and relaxation to your body. Here you can unwind and recharge your battery! The accommodations are diverse and tastefully decorated. The whole property is with a touch of the Wild West and there are horses.

Wilderness Adventures Sweden is situated on a hill. The property is in a cozy valley and is surrounded by the rugged low mountains and pine forests in the Ragunda river Valley. Here there is still 100% pure air and you drink and shower from our own pure spring water.

You can go out on your own to explore the area or book some personal guided activities to discover all the best. Monique Vermeer also offers different unique ready to go Package Weeks:


A true holiday experience in Jämtland
In this part of Sweden you have intense (floral) summers with weeks where the nights remain mostly shrouded in light, a brilliant late summer (Indian Summer) and a colourful autumn (and a true picker’s paradise with wild berries and mushrooms).

We have real winters here and they are always accompanied by several Artic cold weeks in January/February. The snow turns everything into magical “Winter Wonderland”.

Here, the term “outdoors” means being active outdoors in a healthy and dry climate with often incredibly blue skies and sunshine.

Our location is only 600 km below the Arctic Circle, and with no light pollution, crystal clear starry skies and the Milky Way Galaxy can be admired here. Other special natural phenomena include the magical Aurora “Northern Lights” and the lovely “Pearl Clouds”.

Within one hour there are numerous sightseeing opportunities. Around the corner you will find the Döda Fallet National Park with beautiful hiking opportunities. Monique’s Guided Tours are offered throughout the year.

The Shovelhead Ranch is only 3 km from one of Sweden’s most special rivers: the Indalsälven. This river with a huge drop has created a so-called canyon-like valley. Be surprised by a rugged and landscape with low mountains, unique views, rock formations, waterfalls and evergreen pine forests.

The special river landscape of the Ragunda Valley has the status as Geopark IndalSälven. Many interesting places are marked as Geological treasures and landscape formations from previous ice ages.

Monique Vermeer, your hostess, guide & company owner