*Moose safari + *Overnight fishing + *Hike in National Park  Döda Fallet
*Outdoor cooking *Guided horse trail *Smoking artic fish
*Hike to Meåfallet *ZEN sauna & relax *Big Moose Grillhut
*Fly fishing artic fish *Canoe trip Indalsälven + *Hike to historical bridge
*Mountainbiking *Hike up to Vattenberget *Fishing at the river +
*Fishing artic fish, lake *Camera hunting *Season pickings


Enjoy our fantastic autumn
A special package for anyone who wants to get acquainted or already has knowledge of personal development by spirituality. Monique has composed this week with care. The week is filled with special activities in our beautiful and rough nature and in Monique’s favorite season … the autumn. For information about this package: “Zen Spiritual Nature Week 2022“. For questions and pricing contact Monique.

  • Participation in these activities is entirely at your own risk.
  • Activities with the + sign must be booked in time (at least 2 weeks in advance).
  • Interested in more activities? We like to make a tailor-made ADVENTURE HOLIDAY for you.
  • Prices of the activities are on request.
  • Note! Our target group is adults and if you would like to participate with children, please let us know and we can discuss this.
  • For questions and/or to make a reservation, please leave a message through the contact form. We will try to get back to you within 24 hours.
  • If you stop the photo in the slide shows below you will find more information.


Below slide show 1 with the following adventures:
Moose safari/ Outdoor cooking/ Hike to Meåfallet/ Fly fishing/ Mountain biking/ Remote overnight fishing camp/ Guided horseriding/ Zen Sauna & Relax 

  • Moose mother and her calf


Below slide show 2 with the following adventures:
Canoe trip at the Indalsälven/ Hike up to Vattenberget/ Camera hunt/ Hike national park Döda Fallet/ Smoking artic fish/ The Big Moose grill hut/ Hike to historical suspension bridge/ Fishing at the river/ Berry picking season has started!

  • Canoe trip Indalsälven River