For lovers of nature and adventure, we have put together this special weekly package. It features a diverse range of outdoor activities.

Day 1- Saturday
We meet and greet at the Cozy Cabin
After your arrivel at Wilderness Adventure Sweden at the Shovelhead Ranch, there is the welcome by owner Monique Vermeer. She is also your hostess, guide and organizer of this week. We have Fika = (coffee/ tea with home made bakery) in the western style and 150 year old, renovated Cabin.
For the evening, you settle en chill into your cozy holiday apartment (in wildlife theme), where you’ll be staying for this week. You may also have rented the Swedish Cottage which is 15 minutes from here. For the activities, the departure is from the ranch.

Day 2-Sunday
Swedish Breakfast
A wonderful start of your vacation; our Swedish breakfast. Monique takes you on a tour around the property, the private water source, wood supply and the Shovelhead Ranch with the horses.
Tip: Västenå Fallet; top location! In the afternoon you may want to visit this magnificent staircase waterfall on your own. It is a one hour scenic car drive. Once there, you will walk along the waterfall via a system of stairs with the various plateaus and seats. There’s also a small museum, artshop and a coffee stuga.

Day 3-Monday
Hiking the Meåfallet and the Norwegian border stone
Monique will guide you during this nature walk, along our beautiful Indalsälven river and she will explain you the special environment of our river Indalsälven. We have lunch at the 30 meter high waterfall and then we visit the Norwegian border stone that is close.
Campfire evening at the western style; “Big Moose Grillhut”.

Day 4-Tuesday
Bear & Wildlife Spotting
In the Cozy Cabin Monique explains this adventures activity. A collaboration with Monique and Wildlife Photographer Andreas Göransson, makes this exclusive nature experience possible. You stay an evening and night in the hide-out (observation cabin) with the possibility to spot the Scandinavian brown bear and other wildlife. It’s not a safaripark but you are in the middle of nowhere and in the wilderness. Just the two of you are totally private in your own observation hut.

Day 5-Wednesday
After returning from your wildlife adventure, take time to rest in your own holiday apartment.
Moose Safari Tour in the evening
Monique takes you moose spotting on a 3-hour car tour in the hills west of your location. With explanations about this giant of the forest and spotting in open areas. Includes fika at a lake.

Day 6-Thursday
Canoe trip on the Indalsälven
Quietly paddle about 12 km downstream and enjoy the peace, clear water and beautiful scenery of the Indalsälven river. Includes a well-stocked picnic basket. When at the final ashore place, you will be picked up and brought back to your car.

Day 7-Friday
Hiking “Döda Fallet” our National Park
Literally translated as “The Dead Waterfall”. Almost around the corner here is this special National Park where once Sweden’s biggest nature disaster (man-made) took place. Experience the history with a walk through a system of steps through ancient rock and read the explanation of what happened here, via the information boards (in English, German, Swedish).
Outdoor Cooking at the Big Moose Grillhut.
Here we prepare and eat together a stew with elk meat from our own hunt. We cook in a Dutch Oven on a tripod, over a wood fire. Then there is an opportunity for western games like airgun shooting, lassoing and horseshoe throwing.

Day 8-Saturday
Farewell and return trip.

Happy Trail Horseback Riding Tour
Of course it is possible to book a wonderful outdoor horse ride. The American Quarter Horses will be happy to take you through our beautiful countryside. It is a guided tour with Monique as your guide. Riding experience, a helmet and good shoes are required!

For bookings, pricing of this week and further questions, contact us! Please read our policies. All activities are at your own risk. We would be happy to help you with travel advice and/or car rental information. 

Would you like to read everything again in peace? Download the PDF: Spring-Summer Adventure Week Package.