Target audience Bear & Wildlife spotting

For anyone with an interest in nature and her wildlife, as well as amateur and professional photographers.

Location hide-out

The hide-out (observation cabin) is located in the wilderness of the Ragunda Valley and is owned by our business partner, Andreas Göransson of Wildlife Experience. The hide-out is equipped for two peoples, offers all around wide windows for the best view, including a bunk bed with a sleeping bag and pillow, chairs, a wood stove and an outside toilet. There is a telephone range but moderate. For the photographers among you, the hide-out provides camera camouflage outputs!


The animals that live here are in particular the Scandinavian brown bear, lapland owl, wolverine, eagle, marten, hawk, capercaillie, badger, crane bird, the moose, deer, red deer, fox, raven, black grouse and sporadic the wolf.

Support guide

Your guide is either Monique Vermeer or Andreas Göransson and we welcome, inform and guide you to the hide-out.

Program adventure

We welcome you at 5 pm in our Cozy Cabin, at the location Wilderness Adventures Sweden. While enjoying a Swedish fika (coffee moment), Monique explains your overnight stay in the hide-out. There is an introduction video about the Scandinavian brown bear. After that you follow Monique with your own car or you meet Andreas and we take you to the area where the hide-out is located (40 minutes). We park nearby and during a short hike to the hide-out you will also view the winter stay of a bear, called a den. Further instructions follow at the hide-out. Monique or Andreas leaves and now you’re on your own you from 7 pm until 8.30 in the morning. Either we pick you up or you walk on your own back to your car. 

Best time to plan

From mid-May to mid-July is the best time to plan this adventures. These are the longest days in terms of daylight. So therefore you have the best view to observe and photograph wildlife. There is almost 24 hours of daylight at the end of May and through out June! And 22 hours in July.

How to book

Bookings are by reservation. Make your reservation at least 2 months in advance to be sure you won’t miss your adventure. We ask that full payment be transferred in advance. For reservations and/or questions, please fill out the contact form or call us directly. We will try to answer you within 24 hours.

Please note

Participation in this activity is entirely at your own risk. We do not hold ourselves responsible for any incidents, damages in any form. The observation cabin is located in the pristine wilderness of our Ragunda Valley and therefore is not a safari park! The bears are provided with minimal food and in a short period of time so they remain wild. There is no fence around the area. This choice is made out of love and respect for nature and its wildlife. Therefore we cannot give a 100% guarantee that you will spot bears or wildlife in general. However, there are feeding areas for bears and other animals close to the hide-out. Thus, bears and other visitors are frequent, as well as in the immediate area around the lake. Bears appear in a range of zero to 200 meter around the hide-out. 

What to bring

Enough warm clothing (including warm socks and a hat), binoculars, camera, (charged) phone, flashlight. The Scandinavian bear is shy so do not use perfume or other strong smelling liquids. Talk and act muted while on guard. Do not place food or leftovers outside the hide-out. 

This Bear & Wildlife Adventure includes:

Welcome by your guide with coffee and explanation, guided hike to the hide-out and explanation, your overnight stay in the hide-out, meal, coffee/tea and soda. Most guests book for 2 people. It is therefore guaranteed that you will have the hide-out all to yourself. Total based on 2 persons SEK 2.500 per person. 

Are you alone and do not want to share the hide-out with a second person? Then the hide-out can only be booked/reserved for yourself (SEK 4.500). If you are alone and want to share the hide-out with another person, this is possible and it will cost you SEK 2.500. It is possible to stay overnight at Wilderness Adventures Sweden in advance or afterwards. In our Cozy Cabin we offer a place to sleep or our B&B.

With adventurous regards on behalf of Monique Vermeer and Andreas Göransson.