Welcome to our beautiful
Ragunda Valley in Jämtland Sweden

Welcome at the website of Wilderness Adventures Sweden. We offer adventurous outdoor activities and various accommodation options. But also for those who are seeking peace and quietness, this is the right place to be. “Being” in our beautiful nature also brings peace in your head and relaxation in your body. You will recharge your battery! All this, you will experience in an atmospheric setting with a “touch of the Wild West”. We build the “Shovelhead Ranch” over the summers of 2018/19/20. This is also the home of the American Quarter Horses; Bette, Cody and Mr. Utah, our Aussie dog Jack and little Chevy, the cat. We offer various accommodation options and a “ready to go” Spring-Summer Adventure Week Package and our 2022 Winter Adventure Week Package. But you can also do your own explorings or book a few activities. It is all about your personal wishes. 

Wilderness Adventures Sweden is located on top of a hill and surrounded by hills covered with evergreen pine forests. Here in the Ragunda Valley Jämtland is no airpolution and you drink and shower from our own spring water. Clear evening skies let you gaze at millions of sparkling stars and the Milky Way. Since we are located only 600 km south of the Polar circle, we have here a higher chance to spot a true magical nature wonder, namend the “Northern Lights” or “Aurora borealis”.
We have intens summers with many weeks of almost no darkness during the nights, a beautiful after summer (so called Indian Summer) and an even more beautiful, crispy & colourful autumn. Here are real winters with snowfun and a period of artic airdry cold. Lots of outdoors in an overall healthy climath with often amazingly blue skies and sunshine. Snow changes everything here into a magical winter wonderland! 

The Ragunda Valley is central located between the town of Sundsvall on the Botnic Gulf east of and our capital city Östersund in western Jämtland. About 500 km above Stockholm and 600 km below the Polar Circle and only 2.5 hours away from the amazing Wilderness Route through the north-west of Jämtland and southern Lapland.

We are located on the south side of one of the longest and most special rivers in Sweden: the Indalsälven. This river with a huge decline in height, has created a so-called canyon type landscape.
Be surprised by our nature with unique views, rugged and rocky hills, the river, her wildlife and evergreen forests.

A small creek meanders through our property. Where moose visits now end then the mineral stones. With a short hike to the higher water springs, the wilderness unfolds.

With adventurous greetings and enjoy our website,
Monique Vermeer, your hostess, guide & company owner