The USA style “Big Moose Grillhut”, is located at the backside of the property and close to the forrest and a small creek. It is build of rustic materials and accommodates 12 people. There is a wood stove, 2 x sitting-dining areas and an area where we prepare the food for “outdoor cooking”. You can play darts and there is country music playing in the background.

Outside is the large campfire area and several fire pits for outdoor cooking.

Our guests are welcome to enjoy our campfire evening. Even in winter with snow and full moon it is great. We offer Outdoor Cooking activities with our own northern recipe of a stew with moose steak or a hearty bacon-bean stew. Monique guides and we all help to prepare the meal and we eat together in the grill hut.

You can book the Grillhut with our Outdoor Cooking activity or a BBQ. We can arrange the BBQ meal on your request or you can bring your own. All BBQ and grill materials are available.

You can book the Grillhut for your birthday party, for a meet & greet with friends and a business/club conference.
❗Tip❗ We can recommend you to book our “Western Games”, with activities like air rifle shooting, horseshoe throwing, lasso and more.

Contact Monique for more information, availability and/or prices.