Our ZEN Sauna is a wonderful body & soul treat. The self-built sauna has an adjacent relaxation area and outside there are tree-lined seating areas.

Such a treat to spend an afternoon or evening relaxing in the ZEN Sauna & Relax of Wilderness Adventures Sweden. The wood stove with warm lava stones spread soft aromas for you to enjoy. Cool down outside under the crystal clear sky with a million stars or make a roll through the snow if you dare in winter. But also imagine how it would feel when snowflakes fall on your heated body, it’s just amazing. There is also a color therapy lamp and everything is decorated in ZEN atmospheres.


  • You can order a plate of fresh fruit or tapas, which you can enjoy in the relaxation area of the sauna.
  • You can also book a relaxing Hotstone massage or an energy boosting Reiki treatment.


Would you like to use the ZEN Sauna for an afternoon or evening? Ask Monique what the possibilities are.

🧘 New in 2022: the ZEN Spiritual Nature Week 2022 during our beautiful autumn period. 🧘

Curious about the history of this ZEN Sauna?

After demolishing the old rotten wood sheds, we made the foundation for the building plan in October of 2020. A new sauna wood shed was also built from old but good materials. Monique drew the building with inside + outside plan of how she thought it should be. And so we had carpenter Rick from the Netherlands, expertly built the house. The roof panels, chimney, insulation and complete inside of the building was done by Anders (super proud of him). Monique helped where she could and ensured that all necessary building materials were in stock. Even dear friends Natasja and Robin helped out for a few days in October 2021. When it was time to put the finishing touches on the house, Monique was in her best element. On January 1, 2022 we celebrated the official opening together with guest Debbie from the Netherlands.
This summer we are working on phase 2, the covered outdoor terrace and construction all around.

Below is a short video impression of the construction.